Rebalancing ship attack/defense

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Rebalancing ship attack/defense

Post by greenpeace »

It always irked me that BOTF gives such a nice in-game description of the ships weapons, shield, and hull stats, which then was all pretty much rendered useless by the hidden attack and defense stats. Nothing in-game gives you an inkling that the upgrade from a Klingon Destroyer to a Destroyer II is accompanied by a FIFTY SIX POINT increase in defense, multiplying its effective HP by many times against ships with a low attack.
This also brought on inconsistency. Your squadron of Legendary Destroyer IIs was unhittable by anything with less than 146 attack (which is a lot), but come across a fleet with 160's or 180's and watch it evaporate in a single salvo, with nothing to tell you that those ships had high attack.

So I've been thinking of doing a rebalance that would be intuitive. BOP largely does away with the problems of unhittable ships in Vanilla but it has larger ships being hard to hit than smaller ones, which just doesn't seem right.

My thoughts:

Beam attack of all ships: 100
Torpedo attack of all shops: 95

Defense of a Command ship with Speed 1: 50

Each Speed above 1 gives +5 defense
Each size class below Command gives +5 defense.
And of course every ship experience level gives +5 def and +5 attack.

This means a 3 speed Scout would have +10 defense from speed and another +15 from being 3 size classes below Command, for 75 defense at Green. At Legendary it would be a defense of 95, for only a 5% chance to be hit by beams and it would dodge all torpedoes.
A 1 speed Green command ship would have a 50% chance to be hit by beams/45% by torpedoes. Legendary would decrease that to 30/25. So a Legendary crew is far less mathematically effective in making a large pig of a ship evasive as a small, fast ship; while still conferring a noticeable bonus. And experienced attackers would balance it back out.

It's basically just DnD. Divide everything by 5 to get d20 values.
Base AC is 10
Each smaller size category gives +1 to AC
Each increase in speed gives a +1 AC dodge bonus
Each experience level gives +1 AB and +1 AC

So a green speed 1 Command ship has 10 AC. Green speed 1 Scout has 13AC. At speed 3 it has 16AC. Legendary has 19AC with +3AB. Legendary Defiant/Raider II would also have 19AC with +3 AB.

Before I go and edit my ships one-by-one, are there any gotchas in this? It's been several years since I last looked into this and I forgot if a Starbase gives a bonus. If it gives an attack bonus it wouldn't be an issue, but if it gives a sizable defensive bonus that makes things unhittable I might have to change some things.
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