Problems with Newer Routers

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Problems with Newer Routers

Post by nickp85 » Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:18 am

Hello everyone... I wanted to post this for public knowledge since it took me about 3 years of off and on trying to get BOTF to work with my router. Until tonight, it would only work if I was cabled to the modem directly.

Here is my fix...

On newer routers, there is a setting underneath the uPNP settings called "Allow Users to modify Virtual Server Mappings"
You need to enable this. I found that by default on my WRT330N linksys router, this was not enabled.

You still need to manually forward ports 2300-2400 and 47624 for it to work but the 2 settings in conjunction will allow BOTF to connect properly through the router.

I had tried so many other things like setting a DMZ to my computer, disabled QoS, firewall etc. None of this worked.
I spent the whole night online with ruthlessferengi trying to make it work and after he left, I finally figured it out.

I believe also newer DLink routers have this setting also.

Just my FYI for the community!

ANYONE WANT TO PLAY A GAME ONLINE NOW.... For the first time in 11 years, I can successfully from behind a router.

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Post by Torrad » Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:03 am

Hey there,

I'm glad to see you've got the game working and can play online. If you're new to MP in BOTF may I suggest you read this thread:


for some of the tricks and standard tactics/strategies you might wanna use in vanilla - MP is hugely different to the kind of empire building you'll have experienced in SP and this helped me greatly for when I first started playing online.

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Post by ruthlessferengi » Mon Aug 10, 2009 10:57 am

awesome, now my bro's router can be fixed - i could not get it working before... glad that the bulb number 10,999 finally worked, Nickp85 :))
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