Strange Multiplayer Connection Problem

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Strange Multiplayer Connection Problem

Post by Proconsul » Wed May 19, 2010 10:57 am

First of all thank you for doing all this great work to make a phantastic game even better! I thoroughly enjoy UDM (unfortunately I seem to be unable to install BOP, res - step I think is my problem)

Hopefully all your experience can help me and a friend. We played BotF over the internet, it worked with no special tinkering. We had one or two crashes but could resume. Then, after another crash, nothing we did made multiplayer playable again, it simply does not show anymore in the list of the joining player. Or any new game. After this we tinkered with firewalls, routers, Warzone, new install, port opening, Multiinstaller version (not running under Vista on my friends computer, something with a different build error when using without or with CD), UDM, but neither of us could host a game the other would find.

Any of you with a similar problem you solved? Are there crashes that are more damaging than others?

And would any of you be interested to try a game with me, please? To see if the problem is on my side...and to enjoy the game against you experts :)

Thx a lot, I guess many of you had one or two frustrating moments. Beating the crap out of Cardassia with my Warbirds makes up for it, though :)

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Post by Tethys » Wed May 19, 2010 11:21 am

I am in Wz now willing to test with u... but only UDM because my vanilla is modded
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