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is this the right place to post a game?

are you a sandwich when nobody is looking, and shordingers cat when looked at?
the delorian goes 88 mph and........
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Post by JackOniell » Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:42 am

OK, so, I'm a noob to this site, but been playing botf like its 1999 since 1999.

if this isnt the right place for it, let me know, but I WANT TO SETUP A NEW GAME.

reply if interested. I'm in Toronto Canada if it makes a difference.

mods I'd like used here:

planetmod (obvioushwee)

and if anybody has a patch for that nasty ultimatemod series where it crashes in battle, i would be very greatful.


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Post by eprahsnada » Sun Jun 20, 2010 10:41 am

I would absolutely LOVE for Bethesda to get their arses in gear and like remake birth of the federation, and even the Armada games if they get a chance. Star Trek has come alone so much in 11 years and yeah legacy was alright, but its not strategy! I mean when the 2009 film was released, all that has been done star trek wise in games is an Xbox 360 arcade game, which sucks. I WANT A NEW BOTF OR ARMADA!!!
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Post by KrazeeXXL » Sun Jun 20, 2010 2:28 pm

planetmod is one of my favs of the past, too. great for sp but for mp - not really.

for the patches. as stated in a few thousand other threads ;) deinstall botf and reinstall the multi version of the game (install main multi 1.02 first). then you'll be able to install several multi mods (thats why they have "multi" in it because you can have more then one installed at a time).

no patches with the multi mods necessary. all you need is already in it.

as for the tactical combat crashes. one of the last graphics card driver updates worked wonders for me. also a good idea is to edit stbof.ini and set 3D=SOFTWARE.

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