new tournament rule disscusion

Come in here if you want to sign up for Multi player games.

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Post by carcher » Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:42 pm

@jig I'll be in later tonight if you can make it ... i hope so

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Post by stardust » Sun Jun 15, 2008 4:10 pm

:Lol: it's going well so far...I finally got in touch with Britannic today, he was away on a holiday of sorts and missed all the announcements, and i was away today at my parents for father's day so we'll have a match another day for honour's sake
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Post by sean_west » Mon Jun 16, 2008 5:21 am

Alright guys,

How are the matches going.

I have 4 confirmed winners.........

You all have until midnight Eastern Standard time tonight (6am Tuesday for all of us in Europe) to get the results.

I am not going to name and shame those who have not mailed me today (I will save that for tomorrow)

Round 2 will be decide TOMMORROW night, (TUESDAY) if I don't have results, I will go with those players who have confirmed.

So don't miss out.
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