Sync errors!

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Sync errors!

Post by Gorgareth » Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:23 am


Just started playing multiplayer of this great game with a friend of mine in my room, we are both connected to the same router and the game works fine for a while. However as we progress through the game and our empires become larger we start getting constant synchronisation errors which are making the game unplayable.

Does anyone have any suggestions to sort this damn problem?

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Post by Flocke » Tue Jan 18, 2011 9:11 am

Hey there,

this can have multiple reasons, but if it only starts to happen in later turns and still keeps occuring after reloading but not in new games most probably your savegame got currupted.
When you get a sync error you should always first secure your saves, especially the file "last.sav" and "auto.sav" in your botf folder (copy them to a different location). Then if continuing with autosave keeps causing sync errors try renaming your saved last.sav and try to load that one. This often helps to solve such issues.

Other than that you can try analysing your save with Ultimate Editor, if it finds any faults it'll try to fix them.

One common reason for sync errors are modified / slightly different BotF versions or Firewall misconfiguration causing packet loss (or WLAN with packet loss), so if you encounter that more often you might rather try fixing the source of your issues. Additionally if you're playing a mod, you should check if it also happens with unmodified botf.

greets :)

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