new tournament rule disscusion part 2

Come in here if you want to sign up for Multi player games.

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Post by crashpm » Wed May 28, 2008 11:52 pm

ruthlessferengi wrote:i'll be frantic, all right :)
Dont worry you only 1 energy and 1 porpulsion level of getting Raider I, which in tier 4,is actually very useful :D

I almost always try to play tier 4 because it blances the races out a fair bit more, Klingons suddenly arent quite as dominant, and their crap research helps keeps kvorts away a while. In tier 4 only the Romulans still are really too easy to play , as they still have stong research, cloak on everything and great intel and morale that improves with most anythig you do.

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Post by jonboylondon » Thu May 29, 2008 12:03 am

Indeed - the Roms are magnificently rounded at this level.... i think they will probablly be the most selected in the first choice...

The feds will also be usefull - a lot of potential round the corner for fleets/upgrading/moneyspinning and with many minors could get some usefull assistance. Get the Vulcans nearby and.......... 8O
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Post by sean_west » Thu May 29, 2008 5:37 am

The only problem with playing mp as feds, is that the aim is to beat the human player, which means bombing.
If you do this, the feds become unhappy and start rebelling, whole systems can then start breaking away!!

Is it possible to win an MP game by making ally with all the AI and controlling over 50%?
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Post by stardust » Thu May 29, 2008 8:22 am

erm, yeah, what i should have said when i was on about the card heavies is that it's my strategy in a t5 game.

On t4 i'm loathed to, but see no alternative but to womble around with those boxes masquerading as their cruisers.

i've won a couple of games with klingons at t4, though mainly by using battle cruisers exclusively for bombing and b'rel II's for all my ship to ship combat by mobbing them... well until I do hold out for the K'vots at least.

it helps to have some decent minors in the area for the taking though :)

as for the feds, i'd go for broke, get a fleet together and blitz your oppo as fast as possible, if most of your own colonies rebel then so be it. (Sol will never rebel..something about a bug in morale and they never reach the threshold for rebellion) Just make sure you've got a plentiful battlefleet before your industry goes kaput.

it'd be ballsy but you've only got to worry about beating your oppo in MP.
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