Difficulty with LAN connectivity

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Re: Difficulty with LAN connectivity

Post by MordainThade » Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:11 pm

Well, the dark cloud has a silver lining.

After finally finishing my reinstall of windows xp, and almost all related drivers and programs, I can now connect via LAN and play botf with both computers. I am unsure if warzone works, but given that the LAN connection does, I can only guess that it would also.

Truthfully, I have no clue what could have been causing the problem in the first place. The only things that I haven't reinstalled are acdsee6.0, mbam, and a few games (diablo 2, supreme commander, wow)... but, for all I know, the network drivers that I attempted to update (which borked the previous xp install) were the source, or, as xDx suggested, perhaps there was just something randomly wrong with my registry.
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