Forwarding Ports Without Static IP

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Forwarding Ports Without Static IP

Post by aptuttle » Thu Oct 31, 2013 1:25 am

Okay, so I have been unable to use Warzone up until now because I'm not able to set a static IP address. I suspect I'm not the only one whose configuration prohibits this, soo....

If you simply check that your ports are forwarded before you play--and to redo it every time your IP address has changed--then there's no need for setting a static IP.

You can use a port forwarding program (such as simple port forwarding by PCWinTech). You MAY be able to simply "add custom" and enter your current IP along with ports 2300-2400 (tcp/udp) and 47624 (udp). If your IP address changes later, you can right click the entry you used before and select "update for current IP".

I will note that in my case, the IP that was generated and entered under "forwarded to" was not correct. NOR was it my default gateway address. Try that, or what is listed next to IP address (even though it suggests default gateway). One of the two will work! You can then test your ports within the program...

But AGAIN, the software will try to trick you. When you test, make sure "IP to listen on" is actually the same one you just used, in my case it gave me another odd address which doesn't even seem to correspond to anything.

I hope this helps some...I was saddened by the attempts here to herd everyone over to WZ over another option like Hamachi or GR which would've allowed everyone to get together in one place and play, but if this alleviates the problem then I'm happy with using WZ!

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