Which Mods Support MP?

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Re: Which Mods Support MP?

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TheDragon wrote:It shows green with both loaded.
this goes back to "know what you are editing" since you started with a mod you have wasted a lot of time.
TheDragon wrote:I installed a couple things. One of them was the Planet Killer mod. It shows green in the list now, but I dont find the Planet Killer when I open stbof.res with UE. Did I do something wrong?

I clicked on the patch I wanted. Clicked "Install". Once I had all the patches selected, I hit "Apply". Is there another step?
QD's patcher only edits the trek.exe and planet killer patch requires additional files from ECM 4.0.
Note; several other patches require additional files.


this goes back to read read read info before adding any patch.
Most patches will give link to info at bottom when patch is selected.
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