How to open ports using BT Home Hub

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How to open ports using BT Home Hub

Post by RSE_Chris » Wed Aug 27, 2008 8:17 am

Many thanks for Flocke for his help with getting me sorted on the BT Home Hub.

After playing a game online which crashed, I suddenly could not play MP anymore and it was down to my router. It is now working again using the following methods from a mixture of websites Flocke sent me, a BT broadband advisor and some trial and error.

Here is a guide to open your ports to play BOTF if you also use the BT Home Hub.

First off, you need to go into your hub manager (this is usually installed onto your desktop). If it is not there, you can access it by going to this address: (Yes, numbers only).

Now that your hub manager is open. Click on the ‘advanced’ button at the left side. It should now ask you for your username and password. Your username is ‘admin’ and your password will be either ‘admin’ or your unique serial number on the back of your Hub. However, if this doesn’t work (which it did not for me), you need to hold down the ‘wireless association’ button on the back of the hub for 20-30 seconds. The lights should then all go off. After a few minutes they should turn back on again and this will reset your hub to its factory settings.

Then, go back to your hub manager ( and it will ask you to enter a new password. If this doesn’t work, you need to ring BT broadband on 0845 600 7030 and tell them you need a new password to access your hub manager, which is what I ended up doing. Once you have entered a new password, you can now access the ‘advanced’ tab and get the ports open.

Click ‘advanced, then ‘continue to advanced’ and enter your username and password. This should bring up the configuration page. Now press the ‘application sharing’ button on the left menu and select ‘create a new game or application’. Then, in the name box type ‘BOTF’. Select ‘manual entry of port maps’ and press next.

Now it should load the screen which shows the port range box. Keep ‘protocol’ as ‘any’, and in the port range box, put 2300 in the top box and 2400 in the bottom box. ‘Trigger protocol’ box should remain on ‘any’. Now press the add button. (It will automatically add the correct value into the ‘translate to’ box. Then, we need to add one more port. In the top box, enter 47624 and also put it in the bottom box, then add.

Now those ports have been added to the BOTF directory on the Hub. The next thing to do is to activate this. Press the ‘application sharing’ button on the left side again to take you back to the game and application page. Scroll down the box under ‘game or application’ and select BOTF. Next, on the ‘device’ tab, make sure your pc is selected, (whatever your pc is called). Then press ‘add’.

You should now see the BOTF application in blue above the boxes where you searched for it. The ports are now activated and you can now play BOTF on multiplayer.

Here is a link to a page that Flocke sent me which also helps explain how to add the ports: ... ectX_7.htm

If there are any further questions, just ask.

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Post by The_Nighthawk » Wed Aug 27, 2008 12:12 pm

For a minute there I thought we would be fated to never meet up in tournament play. Good job beating Fate off with a big stick. ;)
Playing BoP whenever the wife allows!

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Post by meneilmack » Thu Aug 28, 2008 6:52 am

fantastic, all ports passed for the first time ever! great job guys

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