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Post by jonboylondon » Sun Jun 28, 2009 6:08 am

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Post by Torrad » Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:50 pm

Copied and pasted this from the other thread for ease of reference. The groupings are out-dated.....


1 - Kvorts will not be able to cloak.


2 - Random events and Borg are switched off


3 - Restarts will be allowed to ensure roughly equal systems and I concur with dissy about the 400 pop rules (if both have +400 pop comb its ok)


4 - GROUP STAGE 1 - Unseeded players or seeded players playing a higher seed will get choice of game settings and first choice of race (no change as method behind this as explained.. ) - NB in the event of two unseeded players playing the lower placed player in the group will have the choosing rights.

GROUP/KNOCKOUT STAGE 2 - Player 1 Chooses the settings, Player 2 chooses the races, Player 1 then gets first pick of race. After the group stage 1 there should be a more equal balence of players, and although seeding is still in effect (ie lower seed is player1) this will balence it out a bit.


5 - Edo is a no go.... or destruction will result in loss of the game.


6 - Any shananigans, any bad restarts in fact any disputes will be reported to either myself (or Thunder as an Admin) and should any actions be deemed bad form will result in dismissal from the tournament. I completely agree with Dissy on this one Trust is a MUST....


7 - Picking up from observations there will be three maps/setting types that if chosen will have slight ammendments:

A - SMALL T5 - If the choosing player picks this map and setting and then chooses Romulans the opponent may play with cloaked Kvorts.

B - LARGE T1 - If the choosing player picks this map and setting - his opponent if he so desires may choose a Med map or T2 under the arguament of time constraints.

D - MED/LARGE T4 - Should this be chosen then Klingons are not allowed to be picked.


8 - Two weeks per game - so group stage 1 runs for 6 weeks (extensions may be asked for in writing accompanied by a £10 (or equvalent value in dollars/euros) cheque sent to me or a really blinding reason as to why - 2 weeks is plenty from previous torny experience....)


9 - Players eliminated in the first round will drop into a plate tornament for reasons of gaining points to allow a formation of a ranking system for the future ladder/pyramid (see later in post for details, but basically if you want a good start in the rankings youll try to get as many wins in this tornament!!)


10 - Should any player withdraw in the torny then his place will go to last person he defeated to take the place/spot.

Thats it - these are now set in stone.

Ok all - lets go and again...Good Luck to all!! Wink


Seedings (based on past tourny and WZ MP skill to an extent - though losely!! )

1 - RuthlessFerengi
2 - RSE Chris
3 - RSE Dissy
4 - Mickar
5 - AFC Carcher
6 - Jigglypuff
7 - Pigman
8 - AFC Jonboylondon

Group A

DX Chaos

Group B

RSE Chris

Group C

RSE Dissy
Thrawncrusher (?)

Group D

AFC Jonboylondon
Severenth (withdrawn?)
Fatigues (withdrawn?)

Trevtones is in group D, but i'm not sure who he replaced.

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