What do you plan/build?

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What do you plan/build?

Post by AlexMcpherson79 »

In my games, I have a formula for each system. Enough food production between the core buildings and additional food-production buildings like private farms and planetbonus-based buildings, with minimum of three for the core building. After that, a simple formula.
For every energy plant, two industry, intel and research. as for the energy building... for every full 40 pop, one energy plant. so a 200-pop system would have ten/five/ten/ten of Industry/Energy/Intel/Research. Five pop would be in energy always. then whatever needed for food, with balancing between industry, intel and research as balanced. building ships? Industry 'up till I get ship-build times to 1 turn or maxed out industry. if I dont need all industry powered for instance and have spare pop to power other buildings, then either intel or research - or just research if no other empire encountered yet. not producing? max out research. In late-game tech level, food production should be low enough to allow most smaller systems to be just the min three buildings - maybe not all even powered (scrap the excess as pop is freed down to three)

For Instance, In my NBUL game, with planets modded a little, I end up with 485 pop in Sol system. I only need like... eight automated farms at T1 ({I have modified the values though), so that's forty pops to play with between 24/12/24/24. not all 12 energy need power, but even if research at t10 had me at eight farms, I've got orbitals, so... full 12 powered, leaves me with 28 to distribute. as for orbitals... one orbital, for every ten pop. tech bonus to energy will eventually let me hit everything powered then reduce number of energy plants operational.

What about you guys? you have a formula?
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Re: What do you plan/build?

Post by DS8 »

To reduce micro of colonies I tend to do the following.

Take the colony's max population, divide by 10 and minus 5. So 250 max pop /10 = 25 - 5 = 20. That's my target for industrial fabricators and later research / intel.

I settle system, queue 1 farm (that I buy) and 20 industrial fabricators to just be built automatically.

There's usually enough food in the farms to avoid starvation so I can get away without having to look at the colony again for a long time.

Once the colony reaches full pop and and has its fabricators built I upgrade them and the food until I can upgrade no more.

Build some energy and move over excess food population. Then build energy using structures that should all be 1 turn. Subspace scanners, bunkers, particle accelerators etc.

Then it's usually build either intel or research buildings (again 1 turn builds) equal to the number of industrial fabricator.

I then split the population so half industry is powered and half the intel or research. Keep upgrading intel or research.

Once there are no more upgrades, switch all industry to intel or research. If it's a research planet I'll leave a small amount population in industry to build type 1 intel in 1 turn builds, with the rest in research. When research is complete, repeat the upgrade of intel with a 50/50 population split with industry.

There's small bonuses with most of the future tech tech (eg bio future tech 1 is +2% for farms) but the research points required are incredibly high so after future tech 1 I power down all research and put it into intel and turn off the research energy building unless there's spare power.

It's not the most efficient system because there's a fair lag between settling a colony and having it produce intel or research but I don't have to micro too much.

I'd also buy a energy buildings and a shipyard if I needed to extend ship range at the very start.

In the unlikely event a colony has a crazy high population it's be max industry and then producing capital ships.
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