Invading systems as Feds

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Invading systems as Feds

Post by kage » Fri Nov 20, 2009 6:49 pm

Hey all,

I'm playing as the Federation and I want to know if theres a way to invade a system and NOT have my population get angry for the "brutal" treatment of the system i'm attacking.

I find it hard to wage a war and take over another empire when 1/2 my systems end up getting disgruntled at me for my actions!

Even when it was the other empire that declared war first, I can't seem to keep my citizens pleased during times of war. I've even had systems declare independence left and right (even though at one time they were "fanatic" and "loyal")

Thanks in advance.

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Post by KrazeeXXL » Fri Nov 20, 2009 7:34 pm

hi kage and welcome @ afc

yea playing feds while trying to conquer the galaxy can be really tough.

1. if you don't know it as yet, take a look on the left side of this page because there you can find the "moral chart" (under "game information") with all important stats in it

2. Do and ofc win ;) as much fights as you can to risen up your moral

3. use "martial law" if your systems have a low moral to prevent riots (you need a nose for using it. better to early then to late)

4. don't subjugate everything. take the big ones and wipe out the small ones.

5. wipe out systems with massive fleets. In single player (sp) I usually attack with almost everything I have (more ships, lesser turns you get moral minus)

6. let the other empires declare war on you. Fly through their space, neglect their request and ask for money if they don't want to declare war on you. in some cases (if you're "too" strong for them) it can take some time but this things will help.

7. try to find "moral boosters" (a bit easier with random events=on)
moral boosters can be: that the ai attacks one sector again and again and retreat all the time (don't destroy their ships in this case to use them as a booster)

btw there are some other mods with different moral stats. F.e. the great UDM3, BOP, AAM or the older mirror/mirror mod.

It is possible to install all these mods parallel with thunderchero's awesome multi-installers. All you have to do is to deinstall your BotF then download "Main Multi 1.02" (the base you need so that you can install further "multi mods") from the download section

if you have downloaded main multi 1.02 (I advise you to use a dl-manager because its 439MB of size IIRC), download multi mods but just install multi mods.

You don't need any patches or your cd/image or anything else.

All you need is included.

gg & hf

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Post by stardust » Sat Nov 21, 2009 2:41 am

I tend to go for the 'let them destroy themselves' approach with the Federation.

Make them declare war on you (especially on AAM or you'll all but lose the game).

Constantly engage them in battles. If it's space bourne set upon it and destroy it.

Intel them to death. You'll keep them seriously off balance by ruining their infrastructure and intel often sponsors riots in enemy systems that'll sap morale.

Keep piling on the misery until the empire's colonies become rebellious and start rebelling. Once this starts it's often a domino effect that'll see them eventually lose everything except their home system if you keep inflicting losses on them.

If you're left with just their home sytem and nothing else, invade it and take it as your prize, the morale penalty for invading is easily outweighed by the bonus for eliminating an empire.

Oh, and if your oppo tries to sue for peace, ignore them, don't click 'reject' because you get a morale penalty for this where if you ignore it nothing happens ;)
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Post by TurboC » Sun Jun 27, 2010 6:53 am

One small thing you can do is try to avoid long, drawn-out bombardments. Every turn you bombard you are losing morale. So maybe try to do it in an overwhelming fashion, to minimize the morale-hit turns. Empire-wide morale structures are also great to offset the morale hits.

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Post by crashpm » Fri Jul 23, 2010 9:16 am

If the system is a subjugated minor race, liberate them, theyll join you in membership very easily after that.
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Post by Mumby » Mon Aug 30, 2010 12:51 am

Great advice so far, I'll I can say is the basics.

Plan membership morale bonuses with minors after subjecting a system.
EDIT The Ante, Nausicans, Sheliak, Talarians and So on are great for this late in a fed game

Colonize a system after subjecting a planet(any planet late in the game).

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