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Auto System Manager Question

Post by FoxURA » Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:02 pm

I've always tended toward making specialized systems when I played like building dedicated intel, research, and forge systems.
Intel has just a bit more industry structures then intel and same goes for research so I can put upgrades through faster. Forge systems typically have no intel or research and I just put all I can into ship building.

I started this because I found the system manager built a lot of extra buildings, and never quit doing so, forcing me to clean up extra structures so I could upgrade things more quickly. To deal with this I just lay out the approximate structures at the start that each system will need when at full population so I wouldn't have to bother with each one as much. The limited number of spaces in the build que led me to specialize systems so I could let them go unattended longer.

All that blurb aside... Is the automanager worth something after all the modding or am I better off pre-planning specialized systems and how does it work out for everyone else?

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