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favoured outpost/starbase deployment

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 12:04 pm
by AlexMcpherson79
okay, so on NBUL's large galaxy, the galaxy is 77x39... Now, I like to have a starbase as 'region headquarters', with outposts built around it, but with this 77x39, the spacings not exactly squared.

This is my 'outline' of how I place my starbases and outpost - to note, that's 16 outposts, and 1 starbase, so can be built by a fleet of 18 TT's, and covers a an 11x13 grid of sectors, with no empty space larger than two turns at 1 speed away from an outpost.
bof outpost map.png
bof outpost map.png (6.13 KiB) Viewed 1373 times
To note, on a large 77x39 galaxy (as in No Building Upgrades [large] mod), this means to cover the galaxy, yould have built 357 outposts, 21 of those upgraded to 21 starbases, leaving 336 outposts (16 per starbase).

What do you guys favour?

Re: favoured outpost/starbase deployment

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 5:31 am
by Axis
Wow! that is a technically almost a perfect placing of outposts/starbases, I'd put starbases on the far upper, lower, right and left reaches too, in order to have a perfect fortress in space.
I personally favor the building of starbases on any "major"-colony, meaning they either have to be your own home system or home system of any minor race.
Outpost use only occasionally, whenever it becomes handy to have them, in order to get to systems just out of reach and a little from possible enemies, OR, when they are truly needed, in event of war, and your strike cruisers for example have to get to enemy systems in order to bombard some effect fire on them.
I use many-setting edited to full 30 on minors on any game, maps made so large that the smallest is the largest of the original game, largest is something like was it 52x39?, then building starbases on these minor race systems covers much of my area, they do also act as some kind of blockade to enemy diplomacy, (I think), it is harder to subvert any minor race with a starbase built over their system (or so it seems).

Re: favoured outpost/starbase deployment

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 11:57 am
by AlexMcpherson79
Troop Transport II cost: 3520
Outpost II cost: 2280
Total: 5800

Sixteen Troop Transports, and Sixteen Outpost IIs: 92,800

Troop Transport II cost: 3520
Outpost II cost: 2280
Troop Transport II cost: 3520
Starbase II cost: 17580
Total: 26,900

So thats: 63,360 just for the transports, 38,760 for the outposts (17), plus 17580 to upgrade an outpost to starbase.
Total cost all-in : 119,700.

For a taskforce of 17 TT's to one-turn a starbase, they have to have a minimum individual production of 1,035. If just one TT was constructing the station, it would therefore take 17 turns. at this rate, it would also take three turns for one TT to do one outpost.