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Post by Flocke » Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:24 am

Cause this thread already evolved to an asm modding introduction, here's a great article for codecave development, that I accidentally stumbled upon while learning C++/CLI, C#, .NET and some other stuff the recent days:

Huh, what's a codecave you might ask (or unlike me might already have heared before, who knows).
Well, actually these codecaves have already been used alot for botf modding and bugfixes.
In short, the term 'codecave' is a synopsis of technics used when in-place asm code adjustment doesn't work or moreover present code shall not be altered at all but just extended with further functionality. That also includes jumps to a different asm location in same exe.

I believe every asm modder here should have a look at this. Even I learned a bit by it. (Did anyone know TSearch before? :roll:)
However, the article is not only written for asm experts, but also for total beginners giving a good theoretical background in exe modification.

It also includes a practical example plus a reference to further interesting dll injection articles (for those interested). Though I already presented a different way by implementing a wrapper dll for getting code into application process space. ;)

so enjoy and learn 8)

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