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I'm confused. Was this Proto Miranda in Jar Jar's film? I don't recall it. But then again I was literally bent over retching while suffering from hysterical blindness for at least 75% of the movie. And, much like some rape victims, I have suppressed about 90% of my memories of the remain 25% of the film. You know it's a defense mechanism your body uses to prevent insanity.

Anyway I like the model.

Here's a pic of how "New Voyages" handled the proto Miranda. Looks a lot like what you did, but with a deflector pod attached.

For that matter, WTH is the deflector on a Miranda class anyway? It seems like they forgot one when they designed the ship.
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:lol: thank you very much for the replyes guys !!!! i really appreciate it.
About the Voyages miranda model, i like it, maybe in the future i´ll add the deflector, looks nice.
Abour jjmiranda, i think it´s this one :

This is the only pic i´ve download, looks the same as Kelvin, but with another nacell and without hangar, myabe i´ll do it too because it doesn´t seem to be difficult to make. Too many ships !!!! 8O :P i will go mad... :lol:
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