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Ok the link in the first post has been updated. She is retextured and flying the right way. Still trying to add lighting effects to the textures, will release updated ship pack once I figure out an easy way to do that. This is down to 900 polys and 1500 verts at conversion.

I only removed the warp coil bubbles from the back of the nacelle, they are only in about half the shots of the TOS Enterprise anyway. Also have not redesigned bridge yet, will include that on maybe the Connie.

EDIT: Definitaly will remove the dangling nave deflector and replace it with the lower poly count one I put on the Ptolmey Class I just released. Also doing that cuts out about 900 verts. I cut another 200 verts by improving the shape of the bridge module, I removed the bridge which had been extruded from the labs, which where extruded from the hull, and just placed half a oiltank on top, looks alot closer to the correct shape and lucky me, even after combining faces in Creator the polys on the bridge still lined up with the part that should be lit.
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nice ship... but if you can't play it, what's the use? low poly count if possible please:)
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