How to edit GUI when changing main race

How to edit GUI when changing main race; support/discussion/questions

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How to edit GUI when changing main race

Post by DCER » Wed May 06, 2009 6:00 am

Here's simple way of switching empire graphics without the need to rename wdf files.

In trek.exe go to 0x190A4D you'll see CHFKR, switch them to your liking.

And also at 0x18D917 you'll see entries like cardassn.cur and Ccardns

The upper case letter C determines what wdf file will be loaded for the race (the ones starting with the letter c in the case of Cardassians), but you'll also want to switch the cursor string and empire strings: cardns, ferngi...

Remember strings need to end with a 0x00 byte :)

EDIT: this way the races can continue to use graphics files starting with their first letter instead of the letter of some other empire

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