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Post by Spocks-cuddly-tribble » Mon Oct 10, 2011 2:30 pm


I just cracked the whole intel mechanics (will get its own topic ASAP). In case you're interested in UE support of intel.bin, here is a preview of its structure and some of the used ingame calculations:


lenght 0x1E0 = 5 blocks 96byte/0x60 per empire card-rom:

(all integer dword):

Code: Select all

+0    base multiplier for espionage attack threshold
+4    base multiplier for sabotage attack threshold
+8    4 bytes * 5 enemy empires(own empire value unused) multiplier for attack threshold
+1C   4 bytes * 5 difficulty level = multiplier for attack threshold
+30h  4 bytes * 8 empsInfo morale labels = security modifier% written to intelInfo+2C
+50h  4 bytes * 4 empsInfo treaty labels = attack threshold modifier written to intelInfo+4C
For 0x0 to 0x2F see sub_47E540:

[+0/+4] * [+8] * 0.01 * [+1C] * 0.01 -> results written to intelInfo [+4/+18]

sub_47DDC0 = check intel attack delay threshold(below) vs. area stockpile points:

(+X now intelInfo addresses)

1+[last area attack turnNumber]% * espionage/sabotage base[+4/+18] * treaty label behavior[+4C]%
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