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(Re) Introducing the Prime Directive Mod

Post by teukros »

This file is now part of the BOTF All in One 1.0.0 installer

Now available in the downloads section: the Prime Directive Mod 1.5b2!

Thanks to Thunderchero for packaging it for his multi-installer! :)

I was maintaining this mod up to about five and a half years ago, and then I dropped off the radar for a a variety of reasons. With luck I will be able to resume work on this mod including the introduction of new ship models sometime in the (far) future. I already have a number of ideas.

Descriptive blurb:

Prime Directive is a mod for Star Trek: Birth of the Federation V1.02. It is designed to give the game a more realistic and more "epic" feel, with bigger fleets and bigger, lengthier battles. You will find the game to be more deliberate and more strategic, more like a wargame than the unmodded V1.02 game.
Early exploration and expansion will be slow. Constructing outposts and Starbases in strategic locations will be critical. Offensives will entail more planning and will be more costly. Driving deep into enemy territory will require a long-term strategy and a sustained commitment. Managing planetary morale will be paramount. Early wins should be unknown. And the Impossible Difficulty might be just that.
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