MP tales from the Mirror Universe: Epic UDM MP Battle

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MP tales from the Mirror Universe: Epic UDM MP Battle

Post by ruthlessferengi » Sat Aug 15, 2015 12:32 pm

And an epic war saga it was...

Promise of Peace and Stacks of Latinum.

It started with a promise of Peace and Profit. Reborn Klingon Empire under the leadership Emperor R'Frngi, praised be his lobes, was looking to build Casinos and Bars, embracing the way of martial arts, blood winery and unabashed gambling. 9 systems with level 5 economy nestled due north within the comfortable cluster of potential worlds to store the latinum for eons to come. No concerns were raised when Federation worlds were discovered due center of the medium large universe. Surely there is enough space to expand for all profit seekers. Expansion and peaceful revelry of profit sharing and dividend collection continued unabashed and with abandon. We sought expansion due west and east staying away from the menacing fleets of destroyers and Explorers, preferring the way of Profit and Revelry, may the Emperors Lobes be stroked perpetually. There was slight concern when Dominion scum appeared on the radar due center east. A handful of troop transporters were dispatched to the sourthern border worlds and precautionary construction of outpost was commenced while research was diverted to starbase construction and revolutionary upgrade of destroyer upgrade. Colonies were being created and it was good...

Evil Stench

Then the universe was filled with the stench of something decidedly evil and way not cool. Hounds of Gul Gntl were spotted amassing around a lonely worm hole in the far north east... 18 brave recently commissioned destroyers were sent to succor and bolster the spirits of shaken businessmen and blood wine connoisseurs. It was quite a rude awakening indeed when a familiar outline of a cardassian starbase guarding the wormhole was discovered upon arrival of our warriors...

Fleet of dominion ships appeared on the far edge of the remote space scanners far north and an armada of federation ships descended upon starbase protected border southern world. The starbase was destroyed, but the world's inhabitants defended their honor and refused to surrender.

An alliance between Evil Gul Gntl, Federation and Dominion was forged. Nevertheless, Abominable cackling of the Evil Gntl spread through all channels of subspace communications encouraging Federation and Dominion hords to ravish our women and bank accounts did not shake our resolve.

While Fleets of strike cruisers and destroyers were constructed, our borderline starbases were being destroyed with frightening regularity with no account to the loss of life and starships. While enemies' ships were decimated, their fleets kept pouring in and were still too formidable to encounter with any hope of survival.

First wars with Federation and Dominion
While we were forced to divert resources to fledgling war machine, the Cardassian serpentine scum was colonizing worlds and harassing romulans somewhere far out of reach of our destoryers. Romulans, looking at the graph, were not doing too well. Cardassian world count was pushing 50, we were stuck at 35.

Through skill, luck and pure chance and power of wishful thinking inspired by boxed wine, we were able to stem the flow of Federation nitwits and took the management of several of their worlds. When dominion showed up with yet another enormous fleet, their greedy admirals split the armada in manageable chunks that our now type 3 destroyers and upgraded strike cruisers turned into cosmic scrap. Starbases where rebuilt and federation, now on its' knees, was forced to accept peace, loss of 4 worlds and eventually a friendship treaty bolstering our much depleted wallets.... Dominion sued for peace, which was granted and hence forth become our staunch financial, albeit militarily useless ally.

We now had an access to the center of the galaxy and prepared to carve it in half plunging south to take over Cardassian colonies.

Border wars and starbase massacre.

The wars took their toll, and with Cardassian world count pushing 70 and ours barely 50, the economic gap was glaringly evident. To complicate matters, the lone worm hole cardassian starbase in the far north east spaw a brood of cardassian colonies with outpost, some starbase defended.

Romulus fell. We never did encounter this race but their graph petered out and flattened, no doubt assimilated by the hoards of Gul Gntl.

Decision was made to mass produce ridiculous numbers of destroyers and a host of 250 of them, supplemented by 50 strike cruisers and 20 economy edition battle cruisers which were diverted due east in a sacrificial campaign to bring the rebellious east into the fold of true faith. Several enemy starbases where destroyed and an avangard of plucky D3 and tts took over several unprotected cardassian worlds. This

Retaliation quickly followed and 2 fleets of part minor part cardassian heavy ships poured out of the wormhole. They took over some of the worlds, but arrival of the destroyer armada (formally named as "mosquitoes" by Gul Gntl), forced retreat of the Cardassian minions and, having destoyred the worm hole starbase, we quickly moved in blood wine breweries and occupied the worlds around the wormhole preventing further incursions.

Advanced research allowed construction of heavy destroyer and all resources were devoted toward development of the next upgrade for this vessel, as well as battle cruiser 2. Klingons could not afford the Emperial Battlship...

Meanwhile, skirmishes ensued in the far west with the Cardassian scum crawling from the Romulan words and a huge armada of Cardassian ships descended upon our center south colonies taking some of them, destroying starbases, not caring for the loss of a few heavy ships - as more heavy ships just continued to arrive. Economic might of Cardassian overlords was to be reluctantly admired.

First Cardassian Battle.

Having quelled the rebellion on the Far East, Once again, the fleets began a slow move from the east to the center north... Upon arrival the cardassian force was encountered and at this point we fought our first major battle. Emperor R'Frngi, honored be his lobes, had pragmatic realistic expectations and only wanted to destroy a striker part of the Cardassian fleet as well as fledgling heavy destroyer fleet on the cloaked turn. There was no hope to eliminate Cardassian heavy ships in one battle due to cowardly ram tactics they, undoubtedly, would deploy.

This strategy was carried out and, having lost all destroyers and strikers, his mostly heavy ship equipped fleet retreated and vanished.... only to split in half and surface on the far east and far west. On the far east, they took over some minors and large force was hovering to retake weak worlds. In the west smaller force was flexing its' muscles through starbase destruction with no regard to ship loss - and it looked they could afford to lose a few as their numbers did not dwindle as my starbases fell.

I had to make a hard decisions and split up my fleet. Recently upgraded heavy destoyers were used to destroy troop transporters to prevent planet/morale loss at a price of lost battle morale while trading brand new shiny heavy destroyers for enemies TT. Cloak helped and while he was losing TTs and I destoryers and battles, research was accelerated to develop bird of death... This was a heavy sacrificial grind of assailing hoards of Cardassian heavy ships and TTs vs a handful of blood wine intoxicated Klingon teenagers piloting kamikadze heavy destroyer runs. Worlds were destroyed but not surrendered.

The sacrifice of destroyers proved useful as it stalled the territory loss on the far west and east. Meanwhile research was conducted to allow building of the heavy colony ships. New worlds were about to colonized! With take over of the eastern Cardassian colonies and new heavy colony ships, Klingons equalized world count with the Cardassians at 80.

Central Blitzkrieg.

Eastern and western destroyer sacrifice allowed concentration of the main task upon the central colonies of Cardassians and we swiftly moved to take over Xepolites, in the center of the universe. Rapid advance in what we thought was the heart of his empire brought in quick regrouping of Cardassian task force back to center - and they had an astoundingly huge force of heavy ships, first generation heavy destroyers and minor ships - and we had to retreat back leaving behind starbases to slow down the enemy.

In prompt order, Gul Gntl retook Xepolites, and wiped all of klingon Ex Federation holdings. Klingon retreated, pulled back and mass produced heavy destroyer 2 and eventually started to buy Birds of Death. I dispersed my destroyer armada and sent then on a hunt for cardassian destroyers. A cache of them was found amassing up west and it was pure sadistic joy to see 40 of them perish at the hands of our brave cloaked teenage warriors! we still had an advantage in research but this would not hold too much longer...

Lull before the storm

as klingon forces grew stronger, Gul Gntl pulled back for what appeared to be a major upgrade. Soon enough I started to see heavy destoyers, latest addition as well as dreidnaughts... Coupled with legendery fleets of heavy cruisers latest edition, he still had formidable fleet of 250 heavy destoryers capable of ram killing my heavy destroyer in one turn. same for heavy ships.

Cardassian moved in for a kill with a fleet of 100 heavy ships, 20 strikers, and 260 heavy detroyers, upgraded.... Heavies included dreidnaughts and legendary battleships.

To counter his force, Klingons mastered 350 heavy destroyers 2, 51 legendary heavy battle ships 2, and 51 legendary striker cruisers 2.I had a handful of birds of death....
I had to use cloak advantage in order to survive and on the first attack, managed to destroy all of his destoryers then retreated with a loss of 80 destroyers. I did not wait and immediately came back for a second attack chewing into his strikers and additional 50 heavy destroyers that just arrived. He changed his tactics and rammed me immediately. At once, I lost 30 of my heavy ships but kepts the rest - destroyers and strikers, destroying all hissupport ships and leaving only heavy ships, about 80 but the last count.
I retreated and having pulled old venerable destroyer 3 from the edges of my empire attacked again. Vicious battle ensued. most of my heavy ships were pulverized but destroyers did their job and after heavy beating a loss of half of the fleet, cardassians retreated. I still had most of my destoryers, now legendary, most strikers and a few birds of death.

Cardassians, frustrated by the sheer lameness of the cloak and the war of attrition, admitted their defeat that saved us another month of toil and 5 min a turn nightmare...

this game took a little over 3 months to complete, 250 odd turns.. Gentle and I started at t3 level, impossible, med large, UDM latest addition. given the fact the game took place between usa and Romania, it was a surprise how well battles held through with only a few crashes...
did i say it was a load of fun?
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Re: MP tales from the Mirror Universe: Epic UDM MP Battle

Post by trevtones » Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:20 am

Wow sounds like an epic game!
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Re: MP tales from the Mirror Universe: Epic UDM MP Battle

Post by thunderchero » Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:37 pm

sounds like Emperor R'Frngi had more fun than the Evil Gul Gntl did this time. :wink:

sounds like a great game.


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