Buying Morale and other queries.

how Morale works; support/discussion/questions

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Buying Morale and other queries.

Post by adunaic »

I have just started playing BOTF again after many years and was trying to undersatdn morale. Perhaps it is listed in these forums, but I have missed it. For which I apologise.

It seems as if each system / race has a morale modifier, but it also feels like each system has a morale value it wants to stay at and all you can do is temporarily deviate it from that. When I have conquered systems I can steadily get them up, but they rapidily drop back to below "average".

Now the buying moral I mentioned. I was curious, I had a game on second from easiest difficulty level and have destroyed Cardassians, Federation, and Ferengi. I had conquered the klingons to the point that they had one system left. I had I think 45 member systems (the other 5 I met when I had an alliance, so I could not "meet" them and then bribe, I had to counquer as if they were a major-power system.) My overall level was apathetic. So I decided to see what happens when I declared war on all my memeber systems. This caused my empire wide moral to move from apathetic to pleased. I then gave a maximum gift to each minor every turn for about 4 turns. A few minors then proposed treaties - I accepted these. I then started signing treaties with all minors starting a friendship, and then affiliation, and the membership. This took my empire wide moral to Fanatic. All systems were fanatic except Ferenginar and Sol. These two were both just loyal hovering at about 175 points.

So there you go, you can *buy* moral - moral however still confuses me.
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Re: Buying Morale and other queries.

Post by thunderchero »

not directly, you can buy structures that give moral boost. also you should scrap any negative moral structures. those structures are not worth the little food or dilth they give.

also you should study the moral chart

note; some mods edit moral values. if so mod values can be viewed/edited with UE
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