Hi Everyone,

The 20th Anniversary of the release of Birth of the Federation is now less than 2 months away "May 25 2019" it is gratuitous that it also falls on Saturday.

I propose we gather on GameRanger for quick multi-player games and reminiscing about our favorite game.

I will try to be on GameRanger as much as I can that day and night and hope to see you there.


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Cheats ?

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Cheats ?

Post by Sithjaneway » Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:46 am

Hello Guys and Girls

IS there by any chance trainer or a cheat list for a solo missions just to make thinks fun ;-) for offline solo missions.

I also tried connecting via LAN and it works fine but having troubles connecting with a friend who has the same game etc Poland vs England. even though we tried to fallow the guidelines on forum. ;-(

But Mostly i am interested in cheats lol any help...

Adam :lol:

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Re: Cheats ?

Post by Iceman » Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:44 pm

Hey Sithjaneway

Welcome to the forums!
There are a couple of cheats in Supremacy, yes. And they only work in single player ;)
F11 will open the cheat menu, where you can get free resources, credits, research and intelligence points.
F12 will clear fog of war, letting you see the entire map.
I'm not sure if it makes the game more fun though, they're primarily for testing purposes. But if you want to use them, have fun!

What kind of trouble are you having when connecting with your friend? Is it when establishing the connection, or after the game has started?
If you could be as specific as possible, I'd really appreciate it! There haven't been any MP reports for a long time, the last time I played MP (a few years ago) we could start a game just fine.
Playing "hotseat" MP works fine for me.

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