Patch to Upgrade structures in 1 turn

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Patch to Upgrade structures in 1 turn

Post by thunderchero » Fri Apr 27, 2018 8:51 pm

Hi Everyone,

I am not sure what to considered this patch an enhancement or a human cheat or both?

I have been working on his patch for mirror universe mod.

Since I plan on using Tech Level Bonus Factors, I never thought it was fair to have tech 1 build cost at tech 20 on Main structures. So I will have 5 main structures (4 structure upgrades) at tech 1, tech 5, tech 10, tech 15, tech 20. Each upgrade will give a slight bonus increase.

This patch will allow any upgrade (main structures or scanner) to upgrade in a single turn or buy for 1 credit (I don't know why any human player would buy when it is only one turn, so it is just in case AI does it :wink: )
Note; scanners was not intended, but an acceptable compromise IMHO.

I consider it as a software update of equipment to improve performance for structures. So it only takes a short time.

In my tests the AI upgraded more structure than without patch. :grin:

Patch for BofF patcher (QD's patcher)
(903 Bytes) Downloaded 35 times
build time (1 turn 0 industry)
0x5f932 460532 0F AF 6C -> 90 90 90

build list (displays 1 turn)
0xf363e 4F423E 0F AF D0 -> 90 90 90
0xf3637 4F4237 F7 DA -> 90 90

build queue (displays 1 turn)
0xf2252 4f2e52 0F AF D0 -> 90 90 90
0xf2261 4F2E61 89 D0 -> 90 90

summary screen (displays 1 turn)
0x40e48 441a49 0F AF D0 -> 90 90 90
0x40e53 441a53 89 D0 -> 90 90

buy now (1 credit)
0x3d3f9 43DFF9 89 C2 0F AF D6 -> B8 01 00 00 00

Build list description "industry build cost" (0 industry)
0xf5876 4F6476 8B 8C 24 04 03 00 00 -> 90 90 90 90 90 90 90


Note: this patch has no effect on, no building upgrade mod, Ultimate mod 5 and Uncivil wars

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Re: Patch to Upgrade structures in 1 turn

Post by Dewbacca » Mon Mar 02, 2020 10:55 am

I'd like to give this patch a big thumbs up!

Upgrading makes the game near unplayable from low techs for me and this or the no building upgrades would have to rank as some of your best work for converting hours of tedium into gameplay. (I'm still on the fence with canceling the buy screen confirmation, but I'm coming around!)

Kudos Sir Thunderchero. Thank you for your service.

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