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Build Restrictions

Post by AlexMcpherson79 » Tue Jan 21, 2020 7:32 pm

Okay so I decided 'what the hey' and tested something... and realised it doesn't work.

... the per "100 max pop" restriction works for shields... but not for say... *cough*shipyards*cough*

I just think it'd be cool if the max pop size could act as a limit to shipyard slots... and its individual yard upgrades, so you could have one small system with the level-3 yard, but its one build slot per 50... whilst you have eight shipyard slots over in the 400~449 pop size system, but left at being Level-2s.


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Re: Build Restrictions

Post by Iceman » Wed Jan 22, 2020 2:18 pm

Yep, Alex, some of the restrictions only work for planetary objects.

The idea sounds nice. I would go with 1 dock per 100 pop though, for 2 reasons: the restriction already exists (we shouldn't be creating restrictions left and right, to accommodate each object type), and it would be in line with what we have right now (homesystems with 3 docks max).

BUT (there' always a but :wink: ) I don't think it works. You can't place a restriction on *docks*, only on shipyards. And, a system can't have multiple shipyards, so you can't create a shipyard with a single dock and place the restriction on it. There might be ways to deal with it, but then you have other problems, like when a system changes max pop (terraforming, Moon Habitation, Asteroid Impact, etc); notice it isn't the same situation as with shields, as each of those is a separate building, and this would be one structure (with several docks).
And then there is the fact that the number of docks would not change with tech level as we have now; only the output of each dock would change. You would start with 3 (or 6 in your example) docks in your homesystem right from the Early era.
And upgrading 8 docks...

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