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Re: Ultimate Editor

Post by Lathon »

thunderchero wrote: Sun Jun 13, 2021 9:09 pm just a side note it looks like you are testing on mirror universe mod. (uncivil wars might be better for testing?)

MUM has issues with UE with main structures, but should not cause crash that I know of though.

what happens is when UE reads main structures it wants to auto adjust the upgrade table. Dcer had it setup for either no upgrades structures or 9 upgrade structures. Since MUM has 5 upgrade structures the "structure_table.patch" needs to be applied.


the other issue MUM has is;
after resetting with the EdificePatcher.exe, sets the wrong last main research structure (I think EdificePatcher.exe just uses the last ID of Edifice, not the last research structure) since my minor structures are last on structure list. so you will need to apply "Main_Research first and last structure IDs" patch

Ah okay. know this now, I can retest it. I was using Vanilla for most of my testing, but I noticed the MUM mod had the change too.
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Re: Ultimate Editor

Post by Flocke »

I decided to go ahead and release UE 0.8.0 now, check:

From my testing it looks to be stable and I hope I worked out all that I broke.
With the many changes and code cleanup I however easily might have missed something, so as usual, keep a backup of stbof.res and trek.exe if your're going to touch it, and keep a backup of every save game you are going to touch!

I now am going to focus on other things for a while, and then likely the next year want to look into my BotF development framework project again that is left on hold way too long for all the awesome possibilities we have there.
With the UE save game fixes and sav file analysis I however did some great progress on the fundamentals and I hope many of it can be applied to the running game as well.

Thx to all support and I hope you all can make good use of the changes and start participate in future improvements! :D
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