Newb question about the 1 uncloaked ship tactic

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Post by KrazeeXXL »

Picard03 wrote: um, i've heard that some of the cardassin ships cloak. which ones and how do fix that bug??
Picard03 wrote: * ----->Cloaking ships owned by Cardassians can now cloak.
I guess they meant cloaked ships which were stolen by intel and after doing so they weren't able to cloak any more. (and the 1.01 patch fixed that)
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Post by Picard03 »

hmm i guess that makes sense.... they could have worded better tho lol
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Re: Newb question about the 1 uncloaked ship tactic

Post by robertbc73 »

What orders encourage torpedoes the most?
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Re: Newb question about the 1 uncloaked ship tactic

Post by slickrcbd »

Flyby, Charge, and assault. Sometimes evade. Generally not circle/harry.
Basically torps have a minimum range, so you need to be some distance away and heading for the ship. If you are already close it probably won't fire so evade or flyby and then charge.
I never have mastered maneuvering and it drives me nuts when the ships don't shoot but the AI has no trouble.
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