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Error Correction Mod 5

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Error Correction Mod Version 5 is now part of the: BOTF_Top_10_mods :wink:

'ECM Larger Maps with Extra AI Tweaks' by TC/SCT is still WIP: viewtopic.php?p=57392#p57392

The Error Correction Mod is an experiment to showcase how BotF would behave if it was not rushed out with most of its known bugs, errors and omissions:

- Harder game play since codes of the Ship Scrapping Revenue, Command Ships any many other exploits have been fixed
- No rebalancing (e.g. wrt the K'vort issue) just clear error/omission corrections and some minor cosmetics (ship, weapon & blast animations)

Ship scrapping revenue set to square root: (= buildings & trade goods)

- System resources (food/industry/energy) cannot any longer be transformed into global resources (credits/intel/research) -> more 4x-like game behavior
- Players are forced to collect resources step by step, a mindless pumping out of an oversized fleet might lead the own empire into an economic disaster
- Take care of your credits and think twice about what you buy
- Advantage of rich (Ferengi) & minor diplomacy (Feds) empires at lower techs with trade routes being an additional critical factor (try lower starting level)

- Minor Race Evolution error wrt difficulty level fixed + natural pop growth implemented + broken evolution limit activated (based on empire research)
- Strike Cruisers fixed for planetary assaults (according to game manual) the first OB-shot does only half of its regular damage
- Ship Auto-Upgrade refitting simulation causes a loss of hull points (depending on the difficulty level) + Repair bonus only from ally yards/stations

Tactical Combat:

- HOLD can keep ships cloaked to counter the one-uncloaked-ship tactic/exploit + some high tech ships can re-CLOAK in combat (pointless)
- Solo Mode Targeting now requires a Command Ship (slow & short range) or Station -> fast aggressive expansion (blitzkrieg) gets more risky
- Most Cruisers got extra Aft Torpedo Launchers (Strike Cruisers & Stations all directions) + some phaser arcs fixed + AI behavior tweaks
- Shield Level Fix Option -> Reduced Torpedo Efficiency against Shields for realism and longer battles (ECM default saved games are compatible)
- Crashes with fast/erratic ship movements (mainly evade) have been drastically decreased using exclusively the A HOB & A GIF texture of ships (LOD)

- New BORG ON/OFF button added + first appearing of the Borg adapted to empires tech/military + many Random Events tweaked (Counter Measures)
- Planet Killer added as 10th monster (reworking cone.hob) + monster system attacks corrected to a more canon state + non-borg copies fixed
- Broken code for monster cloak fixed and applied to Edo God & Combat Drone (can re-CLOAK) + all AI ships with cloak are cloaked by default
- Combat Drone (Alien Artifacts) need new-game Random Events ON, Domination Mode Borg Invasion (if Borg button) & Rebellions no Random Events

- System features for Asteroid, Asteroid Belt Dilithium, Nearby Anomalies and Alien Artifacts enabled (unused in ECM)
- More miscellaneous code fixes and modifications than the space shuttle
- The most annoying things in BotF (turn lag & retarded AI) could NOT be fixed yet (AI a bit)

The history of Error Correction Mod wrote:
A long time ago in a game galaxy far, far away....

Fatal programming errors had a strong influence on the weak minded: :shock: :mad:

With our combined strength, we ended this destructive code mess, and...destroyed the most bugs & errors. It was our destiny! :evil: :razz:

If we strike down a few more glitches, we shall become more de-biased and debugged than you can possibly imagine. :cool: :idea:

Strike 'em down with all of our hatred and our journey towards the hard side of the error-correction will be complete! :twisted: :!:

Only then will we be strong enough v. the black screens of death to boldly fix what no one has fixed before: :wink: :up:

Safety protocol:

Special thanks to thunderchero, DCER, Gowron, Joker, Flocke, QuasarDonkey, Tethys and all other AFC BotF Members

Merry Xmas!
Happy New Year!
I don't know how many bugs is too many but that point is reached somewhere before however many in BotF is.
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