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Come in here if you want to sign up for Multi player games.

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Post by RSE_Chris » Wed May 21, 2008 9:49 am

Flocke wrote:as i stated your version of 1vs1 isn't more fair, cause all games will differ and everytime it's a random map!
you could have a go with very different and unequal start conditions and that's much more unfair than having a 3ffa with defined maps where everyone will play each race one time.
Having 3ffa instead of 1vs1 makes it more interesting cause of diplomatics and people that play for being the winner would always fight their biggest enemy and for that agree on affilation with the ones near to knock out.

For finding an end there were game masters if people don't get it theirselfes.
Normally two weeks should be enough for 3 games, especially on t5 small to medium map.
But if not, game masters would find an solution, I'm sure.
And I've had 1vs1 games taking a month or longer, that's not assuring play time.

It may not be your definition of tournament.
Your definition is having old time tournaments, that's all.
The map is random no matter how many players, its one of the uncertainties of botf that should stay, so no point discussing that.

1vs1 is easier to manage because it relies on less people.

My definition is having fun playing fair games and see who wins. 3 ffa is not fair, 2 people would have a battle, then the 3rd person would clean up. Utter rubbish.

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Post by Malvoisin » Wed May 21, 2008 4:44 pm

then make a 2vs2. that way starting handicaps can be levelled out and odds are even.

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Post by thunderchero » Thu May 22, 2008 7:54 am

RSE_Dissy wrote::o why did you cancel it and delete all the posts? There was so much potential there
if there was so much potential why did you object so much?
Flocke wrote:I would like to hear a reason as well! 8O
ther were many reason for what I did but I will not go in to all of them but only the positive reasons.

1: I knew there was such support of having a tournament someone would get it going again (thanks sean_west)

2: I did not want potential people who would sign up to be put off buy all the negitive talk on the topic of the tournament that I lost control of.
Flocke wrote:Now I can tell all the people I've recruited for the tournament it was deleted without of argue and I dunno about, like it was a bad joke one... :?
I hope the people you have recruited wil enjoy the tournament sean_west is setting up. and yes it was a bad joke but for me and I was not happy about it.
trevtones wrote:This tournament was supposed to be a good thing. I don't know why all of a sudden everyone is upset. It would have been cool having a tourney, it's just too bad it caused all this controversy.

Thanks to thunderchero for his effort but I can understand that he doesn't want to be stressed out over this.

I don't know how to go about it now but I would still be interested in playing!!
Thanks for the concern but I am not stressed about this I still feel I did what was best to have a tournament on a regular basis.

I will support any tournament! I am glad to see you have already signed up and are supporttting sean_west tournament.
RSE_Chris wrote:Absolutely ridiculous Thunderchero, I appreciate your effort for wanting to to set up a tournament, but even as a moderator should you really just delete all those posts because you "can't be bothered"?
I did not delete topic because I can't be bothered I deleted for the same reason you asked me to delete your first post. it would only cause confussion for people that were wanting to sign up for new tournament.


Please do not start a new topic on this I just wanted to say my 2 cents worth


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