A simple question about modding

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A simple question about modding

Post by Veristek »

Hi, all!

I went looking through some of your mod threads you have here, and I came across one mod I'd like to try. I've always wanted to try to have every minor race (30 I believe) present in my "Large" galaxy maps, instead of the standard 24.

In the "Galaxy Control Values" thread here, it gives the following information:


position: 0x17D668
length: 8 bytes
default value: 0.2
This value controls the number of minor races. Setting this to zero or lower led to a maximum of 4 minors under any settings. Setting this to 1.0 or higher resulted in 29-30 minor races on large irregular galaxies with minors set to "many".


How exactly do I modify this in hex editor? I'm pretty new at modding myself. I have a hex editor program on my computer called "XVI32" and I remember reading in another thread here that I need to use a hex editor on the file "trek.exe" to have these changes I want to happen.

I try to search for 0x17D668 in trek.exe but it comes up empty. Can anyone enlighten me on how to do this modification for "all minor races present"?

Many thanks!
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Post by Gowron »

1. Download the HxD Hex Editor at
(there's a portable version and an installable version available for download; the portable version can be run without installing it)

2. Make a backup of trek.exe if you haven't already.

3. Run HxD and use it to open trek.exe.

4. Go to position 0x17D668. You can do so by pressing "Alt+g" and inserting 17D668 into the "Offset" field. Make sure that "hex" (hexadecimal number representation) is selected, not "dec" (decimal number representation) or "oct" (octal number representation).

5. At position 0x17D668 through 0x17D66F, you should see the values "9A 99 99 99 99 99 C9 3F".
That's the binary representation of 0.2. By increasing it, you can enforce greater number of minor races, but remember that they will accumulate in the left part of the map if the value is set too high.

Btw, there is no "standard value" for the number of minor races. You can start 5 games with large galaxy and many minors and still get 5 different numbers of minor races.
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