How to modify alien races

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How to modify alien races

Post by USSOddysey » Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:18 am

Right Thunderchero its me pal28 iv lost my old account and email address im going to tell you all how to modify alien races i just figured it out recently

First you must select orignal alien race
then you must change the tga pictures to suit your needs
then you must select a desired tga ship for the alien race i selected defiant class cruiser for the vulcans
And the rest private

iv figured out how to modify all the aliens basically without reading the forum and thunderchero please can you tell me how i can get my old account back or shall i continue to use this one once more its me pal28 on USSOddysey ID :razz:
Shit the destiny is loosing power what shall we do now?

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